Mary Kay is a company with integrity, staying power and a solid reputation that spans more than half a century.

You’ve got dreams. Whether it’s earning a little extra cash or making a full-time commitment, the Mary Kay opportunity offers the freedom, flexibility and, of course, the fun that you’ve been looking for.
Fall for more than 300 beauty products, like innovative skin care, on-trend color cosmetics, body care and fragrances. 
You can earn up to 50% on everything you sell at retail. 

Mary Kay celebrates more than 56 years of Enriching Women’s Lives®, and Mary Kay® products are sold in nearly 40 countries. 

The Mary Kay Opportunity

They say if you love what you do, it won’t even feel like work. But what if you could love your work and enjoy doing the things you love in life – like spending time with family, traveling, shopping or following your artistic passions? YOU CAN!

You’ve probably heard it called “social responsibility.” We call it doing the right thing. Mary Kay is dedicated to making the world a better, happier, more beautiful place for everyone. The Mary Kay Foundation is focused on finding cures for cancers that affect women and helping to end domestic violence.
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants are equipped with full-size products and tons of  business-building tools at their fingertips. In addition to the Starter Kit, there are numerous digital and social media tools available for use to build a successful business.
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