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MK Beauty Color Looks

CLICK on the New Beauty Color Looks below to download the PDF file for printing.  Print on a card stock paper. Use glue dots to adhere the samples in the blank area under Samples. Fold in half. For in a greeting card size envelope so that postage is less expensive.

Beauty Color Looks one page.jpg
Cool Silver Haze sample card.jpg
Rose Gold Halo sample card.jpg
Smokey Mauves sample card.jpg
Smoldering Moss sample card.jpg


Schedule Virtual Spa Session.jpg
Skin Analyzer App Session.jpg
Use Skin Analyzer App.jpg
Midnight Blue sample card.jpg
Bronzed Berrys sample card.jpg
Monochromatic Matte sample card.jpg
Soft Pinks sample card.jpg
Warm Copper Tones sample card.jpg
Sultry Plums sample card.jpg

Demographic Survey

MK Demographic Survey 11-2019.jpg
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