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Valentine's Day

Legacy Changer Program

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Month of May Gift Giving.jpg

Teacher Appreciation (2nd Week of May)

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Card 1.jpg
Card 4.jpg
Card 2.jpg
Card 5.jpg
Card 6.jpg
Card 7.jpg
Mother Day Gift Certificate 4-2023.jpg

Nurse Appreciation (2nd Week of May)

Nurses gift tag 6.jpg
Nurses gift tag 5.jpg
Nurses gift tag 4.jpg
Nurses gift tag 2.jpg
Nurses gift tag 3.jpg
Nurses gift tag 1.jpg
Nurse Gift Certificate 2.jpg
Nurse Gift Certificate 1.jpg

Mother's Day (2nd Sunday of May)

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Card 4.jpg
Card 1.jpg
Card 3.jpg
Mother Day Gift Certificate 4-2023.jpg
Gift 3.jpg
Gift 2.jpg
Gift 1.jpg
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